Monday, February 23, 2009


Dear Mother, I seat myself to srop you a few lines in answer to the letter that we received the other day, we was glad to hear from you but sorry to hear that Johnies eyess war sore again, well ma you don't have any idie how bad I want to see and the children my greatest wish is if you would come and live with us if we will goafter you and Drucie and Johni if you will just let us no, write now we need you to help me to make a living, Mr Ray is never able to work any more, it looks like were low not able to make a living for our children, I think if you an the children was up hear now, we could all go to work an dry some fruit of all kinds enough to do us, for there is lots of it hear I am going to work next week drying fruit,i want you to come, i think yould love to leave hear, we will have plenty of hogs to make our meet, fo we will have 6 are 7 to kill, and we got a fine turnip pach a covering on, an there is lots of grapes an plums here to cook up fer winter, Mr. Ray is goin to sow some wheet this faul, if you all can come and help me we have got enough of land cleared and fensed to make a crop, plenty of corn to do us all. but if you dont come and live with us i dont what we will do, for it looks like i cant make the living my self, we have wrote to John for $100 help this foul but i want you to come and live with us a whill nd i think that me an Drucie and Johnie can make the living, let us no whither you will come or not and if you will we will manage to get you hear, and let us no rite now so we can getyou hear soon so we can go to work this foul for we were getting awful poor, we are all nearly naked for close, and we musted a crop intirely this year, ma i tak a cry about it every once an a while, but that dont do no good, so i will have to close hopeing that you will come. so write soon and let me no, from S.J. Ray to ma, good by.

Description-Letter from Sarah J. to her mother Millie Rogers *This letter was typed up from the original letter written by Sarah J. Ray (Rogers)
Date-August 15, 1897
Location-Wau-hil-lou, Flint District, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory

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