Monday, February 23, 2009


Dear mother and all I though I would write you all a few lines to let you know I have not forgot you I have not herd from you in so long I hardly know where to rite to I rote sooner but we have bin in the bootoms all winter I had not chance to rite henry has bin working at the saw mills all winter. We not going to make any crop this year he can make a big dollar every day at the mines and wages wil come up in a short time so they say to 1.25 a day and 2 dollars I think we can make it all rite so turnover. Wel I want to see you all and I want you to rite we have all had the worse cold I ever saw but better now and I hope you are all wel tell Oscar I want to see him and his wife tell them to rite to us I ant heard from Manerva in a long time I wander her to rite and Janey and Jim to I was sorry to hear of Jim getting so bad hurt but I heard he was ell once and I heard last week that his leg would have to taken off rite and tell me how he is tell him to rite to me. Wel W.W.R. came down see us while we was in the bottoms it was so rainey he was afraid to go on he stayed all nite with preacher hasel on sunday nite and went home on monday I did not get to see him but we moved home the day he went home I come that near getting to see him and so you no i hated it for I ant seen him since I was married.
Tell druey i would like to see you i thought was going to send me your picture if you have got it i want it and the rest henry said he was going to have ours taken and send them to you all there is a young man boarding with us and if you get the money rite and I wil send you a check. Well I went to town yesterday and got me the prettiest new dress you ever saw I stayed all day with miss stokes my old chum and I saw lots of fun. Wel you ought to come and see the mines they are going to tare this country all to pieces I think. no body dont need to work here now I think you all wil come back. I sure like to live when I can see money once in a while. Wel i dont no what to rite but I ant got time to rite much more it is four o'clock and I have to churn and milk I will look for a letter next saturday wel ma I think you could come to see us tel Johnny I want to see him. Wel you ought to see my baby she is 3 years old and the smartest thing you ever saw I recon I have got four children too girls and too boys the boys is always after rabits I cant count them. this is sunday and we are at home and it has bin a lonesome day wel I want an anser to this letter next saturday and I will rite oftener than this for a month I wont to here fron Janey to so i will close for this time hopeing to here from you soon.
Good by to you al

Letter from Molly Osborn to her mother Milly Rogers Typed from original letter
Date-March the 18, 1900
Location-Shelby ville, Arkansas

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