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George W. Ray:

Im sorrow I wasnt home when you folks were here. I received yopur letter this morning and have spent the day trying to get some information for you its hare to do as I know very little about my fathers family. I went to see Mason Ellis of the Ellis Monument Works here in Imboden he give me names of two men to might be some help to you. One is Amon Pogue, Route 2, Hardy, AR. The other is Earl Cochran of the same address they live in the Community where my grandfather is buried, at Highland Cemetary. Mr. Ellis said he would be glad to give you any information you ask for as he is in the business of placing stones in all cemetaries in this community. Highland cemetery is located about 5 miles south west of Hardy, Ark. on highway 62. My father is buried in the Janes cemetary at Ravenden Springs, Ark. about 20 years ago my brother visited our cousin Bess Rogers, unmarried at that time and she was working at the court house in Sallasaw, Okla. I believe her fathers brother and my father had a sister Mollie Osburn who lived at Portia, Ark. she was buried near there but I don't know the name of the cemetary.
He also had a sister Jane I met her son Scott Faultner but I dont know an address for them. Im sorrow I cant be more hlp to you but if I learn any more about my family ill let you know.
Would be glad to hear from you again.
Your second cousin Virlie Lane

Additional information about this story
Description-Letter ot George W. Ray from Virlie Lane Typed by original letter
Date-May 15, 1975
Location-Imboden, AR

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